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I think one of the key things to a great business relationship – or any kind of relationship, really – is having and communicating clear expectations.


What are you expecting?


I think some things that we expect from people Рlike manners Рare just standards.  We all enjoy being treated nicely, with courtesy; the golden rule in effect at all times.  I think, and feel free to jump in if you disagree, this is a good and fair expectation.


I don’t know about you, but there have been times, in my work and personal life, where this has simply not been the case and good manners/kindness were no where to be found. ¬†I have no doubt, that right now you are thinking about a time when you’ve been treated less than kindly. ¬†Yeeeeeah. ¬†Those memories are just awesome, aren’t they? ¬†One thing I do appreciate about those times and¬†people that is that they are teachers of What Not To Do in Business (or anywhere else).


When starting out and setting the groundwork for a fabulous working relationship, here are 5 foundational things to expect with me.


1)  Timely communication. 
Everyone wants to know they have been heard or what is going on. I believe in making it a priority to get back to people.

2)  A pleasant tone. 
You can always expect a pleasant tone from me/us.  Not to push the kool-aid but I recommend yoga.

3)  Scope Clarity. 
Knowing what is and isn’t a part of/included in a project or agreement is important. ¬†Bogged down in jargon? ¬†Ask questions, get that clarity. ¬†Communicating needs, wants and priorities help both parties have a much better understanding of what the project is. ¬†Let’s make sure you get all your needs, wants, and goals met.

4)  To Err is Human
Last time I checked, we all are and we make mistakes (except for that one guy in accounting, and no body likes him), so patience and understanding is the order of the day.

5)  Feedback
Feedback rocks! Letting people know how you’re feeling about the project, how things are being done, etc. is incredibly helpful. ¬†It gives the¬†us¬†the ability to make more decisions/choices that have a higher chance in ending in positive ways. ¬†“You like that thing I just did? Great! Let’s do more of that. This other thing not working? We’ll try something different! ”


William Shakespeare said ¬†“Expectation is the root of all heartache.‚ÄĚ, and nothing against the great bard, but I think that should be amended to read “Unsaid, ¬†not agreed upon and unrealistic expectations are the root of all heartache.”



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    • Thanks Karin! ūüôā I love feedback! (it’s like crack, except more socially acceptable)

  1. You Go Girl! This should be right there along with “Do unto others as you would like done to you”.

    • Thanks so much Fred! ūüôā I agree, the world would be a much better place with a lot more kindness. We spend so much time working, it is a great place to spread that golden rule around. ūüôā

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